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Barracuda Sentinel
Al for Real-Time Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defense
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Spear phishing is rapidly becoming the most significant security threat today. Countless individuals and organizations have unwittingly wired money, sent tax information, and emailed credentials to criminals who were impersonating their boss, colleague, or a trusted customer. These attacks are compelling and cannot be stopped with existing email security solutions—creating devastating results for individuals, businesses, and brands. Barracuda Sentinel can help you protect your brand from advanced email threats and stop impersonation and email account takeover - all with the help of AI for advanced threat protection.


Barracuda Sentinel’s artificial intelligence engine learns organizations’ unique communications patterns to identify and block real-time spear phishing attempts.

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Barracuda Sentinel leverages the insights from its AI platform to identify and train high-risk individuals within the organization with simulated spear phishing attacks.

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Barracuda Sentinel helps to protect against domain spoofing and brand hijacking by collecting and analyzing DMARC data.


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Barracuda Sentinel
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