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BrightLink® Pro

View it: even when you're miles away. Write on it: even if you're using your smartphone. Contribute ideas: even if you're not in the room. 

With BrightLink Pro, you can collaborate in real time from almost anywhere, turn any flat surface interactive without the use of a computer or software, integrate multiple meeting room tools into one device to increase productivity and much more.
Digital Whiteboard That
Works without a Computer

Works without a computer
Giant Tablet That Interacts
with Your PC

Giant tablet
Video Conferencing

Conferencing Display
*Now bundled with SMART Notebook software
and a one-year subscription of SMART Notebook Advantage


This winning combination allows educators around the world to use the number-one selling interactive projector with the world's leading collaborative learning software to create visually compelling, engaging and interactive learning experiences.

With SMART Notebook, educators can create engaging, interactive learning experiences, while having the flexibility to respond to student's needs in real-time.
See It in Action

Break Away from the Limitations of Today's Meetings
Without BrightLink Pro
Love your whiteboard but...


It runs out of space, you can't add pages, insert images or share notes.
Too many single-function devices in the same room


They don't talk to eachother or share content. Plus the cost keeps adding up everything you buy a device.
Can't bring your own device (BYOD)


Can't connect from your mobile device, can't share content and receive notes.
Image size is too small


Average flat panel display size is too small to view text comfortably.
With BrightLink Pro

Add pages, insert images, share notes, email, save, print, all without a computer.

All-in-one solution. It's a digital whiteboard, interactive projector, and a video conferencing displaythat can all talk to each other.

Connect and project your content, share your whiteboard with you mobile devices, and distribute notes.

Up to 100" diagonal image offers up to 16.5 feet distance for text viewing.

Try It Now and Recceive a 50% First Time Buyer Discount

Offer ends June 30.

BrightLink Pro 100" Interactive Display (BrightLink Pro 1430Wi Finger Touch + 100" DaLite All-in-One Whiteboard): [V12HAN200-F3] 




BrightLink Pro 1430Wi Finger Touch + Wall mount: [V11H665520WD]




BrightLink Pro 1430Wi Finger Touch with no mount: [V11H665520-D]   $2,790   $1,399
BrightLink Pro 1420Wi + Wall mount: [V11H612520WD]   $2,799   $1,399
BrightLink Pro 1420Wi with no mount: [V11H612520-D]   $2,590   $1,299
*All products include SMART Notebook software and a one-year subscription of SMART Notebook Advantage.