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Events for IT Professionals

VLCM's events can pack a punch

At VLCM we truly treasure every chance we get to connect with our base of IT professionals. While our in-person events are currently postponed to keep our customers, vendors, and employees safe, there are plenty of virtual events to go around! Here, you can take a look at the types of events we love to host, from virtual events, to our annual IT Exchange Conference + Trade Show. For a look at all of our open-to-the-public webinars, go to vlcm.com/webinars.

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Virtual Events

Until we beat this pandemic, the vast majority of our events have gone virtual! While we miss seeing you in-person, virtual events have enabled us to connect with more IT vendors than ever before! View our latest lineup and our library of on-demand webinars at vlcm.com/webinars.


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Virtual Cooking Classes

Maybe it's just us, but happiness is found in a well-made meal. For our virtual cooking classes, we invite you and your family to cook alongside us and a professional chef! Past cooking classes include: How to Grill the Perfect Steak, Master a Bolognese, and Learn How to Get a Crispy Fried Chicken. Before each cooking class is a quick technology demonstration from some of our favorite IT vendors.

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IT Exchange Conference + Trade Show

Our annual IT Exchange Conference + Trade Show is Utah's premiere IT event. For one day, IT Professionals can get to know over 50 IT technology vendors, spanning solutions from the desktop to the data center, for SMBs to the Enterprise. Thanks to our many sponsors, IT Exchange is always free to attend. 

For 2020, we took the Conference online, with two months of daily webinars. You can view all of those webinars, on-demand at vlcm.com/itx.

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