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Modern Data Protection in a Virtual World
Veeam & ExaGrid Data Backup and Replication
Revolutionize Your Data Protection

Valued VLCM Partners - Veeam® Software and ExaGrid Systems have partnered to provide an industry-leading solution that’s specifically built for virtual environments. Together, they offer fast, scalable and cost-effective backup that goes beyond standard disk-based data protection. Veeam Backup & Replication™ has built-in backup-to-disk capabilities that work seamlessly with ExaGrid's disk-based backup appliances, reducing both storage requirements and cost while improving backup and restore performance.

The ExaGrid disk-based backup appliance with a unique landing zone and Adaptive Deduplication is designed for virtual environments providing fast and reliable recovery for VMs and enabling automatic backup verification using Veeam’s SureBackup feature. Using the ExaGrid appliance and Veeam-based VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual backups, customers can achieve the power and speed they need to realize their backup, recovery and disaster-recovery goals.

Turbo Charge Your Backups

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Improve performance for all Veeam backups and restores. The Veeam backup server communicates to the Veeam data mover on ExaGrid appliances with an enhanced protocol, versus simple CIFS.

In addition, ExaGrid greatly improves the performance of creating a Synthetic Full Backup, as the entire process can be completed on the ExaGrid Appliances using the most recent un-deduplicated data in the ExaGrid landing zone - freeing up the Veeam backup server and network resources for other tasks.

Veeam and ExaGrid together enable faster, more efficient storage and recovery of virtual machines.

Top 5 Reasons to buy ExaGrid + Veeam
Veeam's instant recovery and Virtual Lab features leverage ExaGrid's unique landing zone to boot VMs in seconds to single-digit minutes, versus alternatives that store only deduplicated data. As a result, VMs take much longer to boot.
ExaGrid's unique landing zone enables Veeam's sure Backup feature to automatically confirm you have a recoverable backup.

ExaGrid's appliances network together in a scalable grid, which allows you to maintain a fixed-length backup window as your data grows to eliminate expensive fork-lift upgrades.


With Veeam and ExaGrid, less disk space is required. This results in reduced storage costs due to the combnied deduplication rate of up to 10:1.


Veeam’s recommended best practice of doing periodic synthetic full backups is both easier and faster using ExaGrid disk backup.

With Data Deduplication Appliances


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