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One Enterprise Firewall Solution

To Protect Your Entire Network

One Enterprise Firewall Across Your Extended Enterprise
Organizations today cannot afford to choose between security and maintaining a high-performance business infrastructure. The extended enterprise needs proven security that won't compromise performance: from deep within internal segments, to physical and virtual data centers, to dynamic cloud environments.
Fortinet's Enterprise Firewall Solution delivers industry-leading security effectiveness with unmatched performance capabilities—through one operating system managed within a single pane of glass. This consolidated architecture gives you an immediate responsive and intelligent defense against malware and emerging threats with an integrated security fabric that extends across your borderless network.
The FortiGate family of network security appliances represents the industry's broadest range of firewall platforms. FortiGates, interconnected with the Fortinet Security Fabric, form the backbone of the Fortinet Enterprise Firewall Solution.
The three domains of the Fortinet Enterprise Firewall Solution operate as one to remove complexity and increase security.
Management Domain
This single pane of glass gives security managers a “true north” reference point for security-based logging, configuration, and reporting. Sharing threat intelligence and data across the enterprise via APIs speeds up incident response times and mitigates risk by giving security managers the ability to unify security policy configuration across their infrastructure.
Security Domain
A consolidated security environment helps reduce or prevent security incidents with layered security modules and maintains performance expectations while being able to apply deeper levels of inspection. Considerations involve: Is this a data center firewall deployment or an internal segmentation firewall deployment? And, what security inspection technologies will need to be enabled? Is malware inspection needed? What about application control?
Fabric Domain
The Fortinet Security Fabric is the communication and collaboration interface of the Fortinet Enterprise Firewall Solution. It determines where network and threat intelligence should be shared across the enterprise. The Security Fabric can extend security controls beyond the network layer to the access layer where the endpoint resides, to the application layer where data and information services are presented.
Think End-to-End with Enterprise Firewalls
In this short video, IT-Harvest Chief Research Analyst Richard Stiennon interviews John Maddison, Fortinet SVP Products and Solutions, on the topic of Enterprise Firewalls. They discuss the changes in the landscape, functions and performance required to help reduce security complexity and what to expect in the future.

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