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VLCM History

36 years strong


VLCM started as a company that was selling center-pivot irrigation systems to farmers. Rich Linton and a college roommate began with little money but a lot of ambition. In 1982, IBM rolled out their first-ever personal computer. Immediately afterward, they began looking for qualified dealers to sell and service their exciting new product.
"We thought farmers could use computers to make their life a little easier, and we applied to be an IBM reseller. We were chosen out of a pool of three-hundred applicants to distribute the IBM PC throughout the West, and so we expanded from just a handful of employees to over one-hundred employees today." - Rich Linton, VLCM Founder & CEO
By 1983, Rich was applying IBM’s new technology to Snyder Irrigation, and by 1985, Valcom Salt Lake City, LC (now doing business as VLCM) was left as a sole entity. For over thirty years now, VLCM has adapted and evolved amid the fast-moving industry of information technology—becoming a leader in the community and expanding its reach throughout the Rocky Mountain West.


Out of 300 applicants, VLCM becomes one of only three IBM dealers in Utah chosen to sell IBM's new PC.


VLCM and Snyder Irrigation go their separate ways, and VLCM becomes its own entity. Rich Linton becomes the owner.


Sears Business Systems closes; VLCM takes over accounts; Desert Storm ensues; Rich Linton is deployed


VLCM buys Computerland


VLCM wins TRAX bid - a multi-million dollar bid - biggest bid to date


VLCM opens an additional location in Boise


VLCM opens new location in St. George


VLCM opens new location in Denver


VLCM opens new location near Albuquerque


VLCM celebrates its 30th year in business & is selected as one of Utah's 50 fastest-growing companies 



VLCM named Utah's Greatest IT Company in CRN's SP500 2016 List.


Rich Linton, CEO and Mike Linton, EVP are named as Finalist's for Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2018 Awards in the Utah Region


VLCM completes full acquisition of Rocky Mountain Voice & Data to form VLCM Communication Technologies

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