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Smart Network Management That Goes Beyond the Network

Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Intelligent Management Center (IMC) is a comprehensive management platform built from the ground up to support fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security. With IMC, IT administrators are able to conduct business with greater efficiency. 



Continuous Uptime and Availability

  • Consistent visibility across networks, services, and applications
  • Actionable information from network data clutter that allow you to make decisions
  • Flexible and accelerated deployment of network devices and fabric


Quickly Automate and Orchestrate Services

  • Deliver a consistent application experience by provisioning policy from edge to core
  • Manage all layers of SDN architecture to help fulfill the promise of network agility
  • Automated service modeling and deployment


Pro-Active Security Control Center

  • Remediate and troubleshoot issues when and before they occur
  • Define policies and enforce device settings consistently
  • Use policies to manage VLANs and VLAN port settings
  • Automatically apply a configuration template on newly discovered devices


BYOD Management

  • Secure user authentication, advanced device profiling, and real-time traffic quarantine
  • Seamless policy enforcement across wired and wireless infrastructures from HPE or other vendors
  • Unified monitoring of device traffic and user behavior


Virtualized Networking

  • One of the first tools to integrate management and monitoring of both virtual and physical networks
  • Provides insight and management of virtual networks
  • Reduces migration complexity by aligning and automating network policies with virtual images


Multivendor Network Management

  • Manage anything with an IP address, from printers to the water cooler
  • View everything in your network from a single pane of glass, no matter who built them
Working with IMC
Everything you need to know about working with the software from day one.

Quick Details

6 Different Platforms

IMC can meet your environment's needs based on size of network and business requirements in Enterprise, Standard, Basic, Basic WLAN, Smart Connect, and Smart Connect WLAN platforms.

Software Compatibility

IMC is compatible with Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Linux, and supports the management of HP and third-party devices. The base license supports 50 managed devices with additional node licenses available for purchase. 

17 Add-On Modules

Increase the depth and breadth of coverage to meet your business requirements with 17 different additional modules to choose from, from managing remote sites with greater efficiency, to monitoring end-to-end network health monitoring and assurance.


Your SparkNotes Guide to IMC

Rule Your Network Brochure


How to manage BYOD with IMC Brochure
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