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Sophos Intercept X
Get Unmatched Server Protection

Intercept X for Server

Whether in the cloud or on premises, you need to protect the critical applications and data at the core of your organization. Intercept X for Server offers a comprehensive, defense-in-depth approach using deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, anti-ransomware technology, application white listing, active adversary protection, and in-depth root cause analysis.

How to Stop Ransomware Checklist

Powerful server-specific protectionadd_circle
Powerful server-specific protectionclose

Intercept X for Server leverages a broad set of protections to stop zero-day attacks, exploits, and hackers. These protections prevent attacks from reaching servers in the first place, detect attacks before they run, or stop them and provide a thorough cleanup if they manage to evade protection. Its constantly updated artificial intelligence model is trained to look for suspicious attributes of potentially malicious code on servers. Plus, server-specific features such as Server Lockdown and Cloud Workload Discovery ensure that server configurations are safe.

Intercept X for Server discovers and protects workloads in the cloud, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. By connecting Sophos Central with AWS and Azure, Intercept X for Server visually confirms that servers are protected, making management easier by displaying relevant information in Sophos Central.

Stop server-based ransomwareadd_circle
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CryptoGuard defends against ransomware, working at the file system level to detect and intercept unsolicited file encryption, both on the server or from a remote endpoint connected to the server. WipeGuard similarly works to protect the master boot record from malicious encryption.

Sophos Intercept X for Server locks down your server with a single click, whitelisting your applications to secure servers in a safe state and preventing unauthorized applications from running. Sophos automatically scans the system and establishes an inventory (whitelist) of known good applications without the need for manual rule creation. Sophos creates an unbreakable bond between applications and associated files, such as DLLs, data files, and scripts.

Distrupt attacks: Deny hackers access to serversadd_circle
Distrupt attacks: Deny hackers access to serversclose

Vulnerabilities appear at an alarming rate, and patching servers without disrupting users can be challenging. Exploit attacks can be devastating and are often undetectable by traditional server protection technologies. Intercept X for Server is designed to stop even the most stubborn hacker from using exploit techniques to harvest credentials, whether they try to remain hidden and persistent, or move laterally, Intercept X is designed to stop them.

Harness the power of a deep learning neural network

Drive threat prevention to unmatched levels. The artificial intelligence built into Intercept X is a deep learning neural network, an advanced form of machine learning that detects both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.

Deep learning makes Intercept X smarter, more scalable, and higher-performing than endpoint security solutions that use traditional machine learning or signature-based detection alone.

Root cause analysis

Intercept X for Server also includes detection and response technology to provide complete visibility so admins will know how an attack got in, where it went, what it touched, and what you should do next. Intercept X for Server provides this without an additional agent or management console.

Synchronized security

Synchronized Security is a best of breed security system that enables your defenses to be as coordinated as the attacks they protect against. It combines an intuitive security platform with award-winning products that actively work together to block advanced threats to give you unparalleled protection.

Easy to manage with Sophos Central

Managing your security from Sophos Central means you no longer need to deploy servers to secure your systems. Sophos Central, hosted by Sophos, provides instant access with no console servers to set up. Sophos Central provides out-of-the-box policies for servers while also managing other Sophos products, including Sophos Intercept X, Mobile, Wireless, Email, and Web — all from a single pane of glass. 

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