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For those new to the world of digital surveillance, IP cameras are king when it comes to saving you money, time, and bandwidth. Yes, even bandwidth. IP cameras have the ability to record video with less storage, greater clarity, and the option to record the details management only wants to capture. Overcoming challenges ranging from finding clarity in low-lighting to having the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom from a remote location, IP cameras introduce a smarter, safer, and more efficient way to protect your enterprise.

Advantages of IP Security

Enhance Physical Security
Through enhanced imaging, clearer footage, and automated video analysis, IP Security introduces stronger security and greater ROI in monitoring video.
Improve Productivity
IP cameras enable employees to focus on tasks while monitoring their environment. Thanks to alerts and user-adjustable settings, IP cameras can track only what you set to track, and can alert staff only when there's an emergency.
Eliminate Barriers of Physical Distance
IP cameras allow users to securely record, share, and transmit video over long distances, and because they have their own IP address, they can be viewed individually.
Advanced Imaging & Compression
IP camera lenses are capable of producing clear, noise-free images in even the lowest of light. Advances in digital compression algorithms also yield a more efficient data storage with minimal loss of image quality.
Video Analytics
Advanced video analytics solve the challenges of collecting mass amounts of monitored video. With user-adjustable settings, staff can use computer intelligence to detect crucial details, without taking up all of your bandwidth.
Simple to Install
Specifically designed for easy deployment, and robust operation, and can be connected via wireless internet or POE.



Security & IT: Physical IP Security [Infographic]

IP cameras are granting clearer resolution, reduced bandwidth, and even lower costs. Could IP video technology really save the kingdom of security?

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Mirasys Video Management Solutions Product Brochure

Mirasys Ltd is one of the leading providers of open platform Video Management Solutions for IP and analog camera surveillance applications and systems. 

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Starlight technology: Making Darkness Totally Visible

Improved light sensitivity, a wide choice of resolutions, various form factors, dynamic ranges up to 120 dB, framerates of up to 60 frames per second and video analytics at the edge as a standard.

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IP Video Physical Security: Moving Away From Analog

Nate Stephenson, VLCM Director of Security and Audio Visual Integration, discusses the current shift in physical security from analog to digital and how physical security is quickly becoming an IT discussion.

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