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Rubrik delivers instant application availability for recovery, search, cloud, and development. Hybrid Cloud enterprises benefit from Rubrik’s market-leading Cloud Data Management platform with simplicity, instant data access, app-mobility, policy-driven automation, Ransomware protection, and analytics at scale.
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Defense in Depth with Polaris Radar

There’s a strong chance that you, a colleague, or a peer at another company has been hit by a ransomware attack. This means that someone penetrated your perimeter defense, likely through human phishing methods or insecure external access (such as RDP), and has landed malicious code within a permissive zone of your production environment. The outcome of these attacks come in the form of encrypted content (files, folders, operating systems, etc.) that require cryptocurrency payment(s) to make it accessible once more.

Best Practices on How to Remediate a Ransomware Attack

This guide will help you develop your ransomware remediation plan, so when an attack occurs, you can resume business operations quickly without paying a ransom.

Rubrik for Ransomware Remediation

With Rubrik, all of your data is stored in an immutable format, preventing ransomware from ever accessing and encrypting your backups in the first place. In the event of an attack, Rubrik provides fast recovery to the most recent clean state, granular visibility into the scope of the attack, and can alert you to unusual behavior leveraging machine learning.

Kern Medical Center Defends Against Ransomware and Migrates to Azure with Rubrik

Rubrik has allowed Kern Medical to significantly increase operational efciency, gaining 42 days per year of productivity. This has allowed the IT team to re-allocate their time to higher-value projects, including the rollout of a new EMR system. Kern Medical also recovered quickly from a ransomware attack, achieving data assurance and mitigating business risk.

Recovering Fast from Ransomware Attacks: The Magic of an Immutable Backup Architecture

This blog walks you through our one-of-a-kind immutable architecture and robust security controls that harden your data from cyber attacks.

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