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Put Your Backup Data to Work

The Nimble Secondary Flash Array represents a new type of data storage optimized for both capacity and performance. It adds high performance flash storage to a capacity-optimized storage architecture for a unique backup platform that lets you put your backup data to work.

The Nimble Secondary Flash Array is Cloud Ready and optimized for backup, disaster recovery and secondary data storage. By using Flash, it lets you put your backup data to work for Dev/Test, QA and analytics. Instantly backup and recover data from any primary storage system. With our integration with leading backup software, it simplifies data lifecycle management and provides a path to cloud archiving.

Eliminate the App-Data Gap

Complex infrastructure creates an app-data gap that disrupts data delivery and makes users wait. 

InfoSight automatically detects nine out of ten problems by collecting and analyzing billions of sensor data points from each array and "finding your needle in the haystack". Even non-storage problems, misconfigurations and other user errors are quickly diagnosed and resolved, resulting in measured availability of 99.9999%.

InfoSight also accurately forecasts future capacity, performance and bandwidth needs and provides prescriptive guidance to ensures optimal long-term performance.

Mind The Gap - View the App Data Gap Infographic


  • Run real workloads with flash performance, such as dev/test, QA, patch testing, and analytics.
  • Zero copy clones let you reuse data backup data and instantly spin up hundreds of application copies.


  • Backup, DR, and secondary storage in a single device. Get multiple workloads onto fewer systems.
  • Integration with leading data availability software streamlines data management.

Data Protection

  • Cost-optimized HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays can be used for back up, DR, dev/test, and archival even when primary copies are stored on all flash.
Integrated with Veeam for Leading Functionality & Management Simplicity


  1. Get both performance and capacity-optimized storage
  2. Mitigate backup and restore windows
  3. Run a single secondary data system instead of three
  4. Scale up to 3.6 PBs in just a 4U system
  5. Works with any storage

View the infographic to learn more

HPE Nimble Storage Solution for Secondary Flash with Veeam Software simplifies data management through deep integration, and it enables many powerful capabilities beyond that of the array itself.

The tight integration between the HPE Nimble Storage Secondary Flash Array and Veeam Backup & Replication software lets backup administrators access array capabilities without using a separate interface. They can focus on using the software they know without having to become experts on the storage hardware. Key array-based features that are managed through the Veeam interface include snapshots and replication (Veeam Explorer), as well as instant cloning for Dev/Test with Virtual Lab (On-Demand Sandbox).

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