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An Innovative Approach to NAS: Modern File Storage with Cost-Effective Data Protection


A Smarter Approach to Modern File Storage & Protection

Elevate your data management to new heights and cure data blindness with enterprise data solutions from Qumulo and Rubrik. Join VLCM for this informative webinar to learn how to rethink data storage and protection. 
Qumulo hybrid cloud file storage helps you understand your storage at a granular level, detect bottlenecks, accelerate performance, and remove data blindness. Qumulo allows you to manage your data and workflows seamlessly across environments so your storage won't hold you back. As more and more critical data makes their way to NAS systems (e.g., medical images, design files, and sensitive documents), the focus on NAS protection is increasing. Rubrik, a one-stop shop for enterprise data protection, takes the challenge out of efficiently protecting large NAS environments. NAS Direct Archive combines the need for a cost-effective solution with Rubrik's trademark simplicity and core capabilities such as single file search and recovery across massive file sets. 

The Cure For Data Blindness

  • Storage you can see - real time analytics show you what's happening with your data
  • Storage you control - manage your data the way you want, with flexible options
  • Storage that scales across - scales to billions of files across your data center and the cloud
  • Storage that makes you smile - Qumulo was built to solve your most annoying storage problems

Cost-effective NAS Protection

  • Cost-efficient protection at scale - Remove the expensive pain of scaling your data protection solution by eliminating the need to store anything but metadata directly on Rubrik - greatly increasing storage efficiency
  • Discover your NAS files anywhere - enable users to perform global searches and conduct granular, file-level recovery. 
  • Customer-centric approach -  purpose built as a result of direct conversations with organizations about the data management challenges of their rapidly growing NAS environments

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