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See for yourself.

Don’t take our word for it. Intercept X delivers the best endpoint protection – see for yourself with this webinar.


Learn how to prevent attacks with Sophos

Join VLCM and Sophos for a can't miss webinar on the newest and greatest endpoint protection solutions. With InterceptX Advanced with EDR, organizations can now understand the scope and impact of security incidents, detect attacks that may have gone unnoticed, analyze files to determine if they are a threat, and confidently report on their organization’s security posture at any given moment. If you thought Sophos already provided what you need for Endpoint security, tune in to learn how EDR has taken it to the next level. Fill out the form on the right to check it out!

Sophos InterceptX Advanced with EDR - Unmatched endpoint protection

Sophos InterceptX stops the widest range of attacks with a unique combination of deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, anti-ransomware, and more.

  • InterceptX is the #1 rated malware detection engine, driven by deep learning
  • Exploit prevention stops the techniques attackers use to control vulnerable software
  • Active adversary mitigation prevents persistence on machine
  • Root cause analysis lets you see what the malware did and where it came from
  • Ransomware specific prevention technology
  • InterceptX augments your existing antivirus deployment. InterceptX Advanced replaces your existing endpoint security by combining modern techniques with foundational approaches.
  • For more on EDR - checkout this datasheet

Sophos Phish Threat - Reduce your largest attack surface

Attackers relentlessly target organizations with spam, phishing, and advanced socially engineered attacks, with 41% of IT professionals reporting phishing attacks at least daily. Your end users are often an easy target and the weakest link in your cyber defenses. Keep your users – and business – safe with effective phishing simulations, automated training, and comprehensive reporting from Sophos Phish Threat.

  • Over 140 realistic and challenging simulations powered by the latest global threat intelligence
  • Personalized training for end users caught in a simulated attack
  • Automated reporting on phishing and training results
  • Nine language options
  • Choice of international hosting regions (United States, Ireland, Germany)
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