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VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery
Ensure data recovery with minimal investment
Affordable and flexible disaster recovery is within reach
We know that downtime and data loss can be scary prospects for any organization. But while protecting business-critical applications and data is crucial, traditional disaster recovery (DR) solutions can be expensive and difficult to manage. VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery is the flexible, cloud-based recovery-as-a-service solution for VMware vSphere® environments that makes it easy to avoid downtime and protect your critical business information.
70% Faster Recovery

Nearly 70% of businesses cite faster recovery as the number one advantage of cloud-based DR.

Overall Cost Savings

Hardware/software failures are the most common cause of downtime for 80% of businesses, costing businesses an average of $185k/hour of downtime. vCloud eliminates secondary or tertiary data center investments and ongoing maintenance, saving you on overall cost.

Enhanced Reliability

Don't be one out of the four companies worldwide that are in danger of ailing to recover from a disaster/outage. Customize recovery point objectives from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

vCloud Technical Overview

Product Features

Self-Service Disaster Recovery Protection

Disaster Recovery enables self-service protection for up to 500 virtual machines per subscription on an as-needed basis. Using vSphere Replication and seamless integration with VMware vCenter, Disaster Recovery delivers simplified entitlement controls to register individual virtual machines with the service and enable recovery in the cloud.

Custom Recovery Point Objectives

Disaster Recovery supports the full range of RPOs allowed in vSphere Replication – 15 minutes to 24 hours. Setting a unique RPO value per virtual machine allows for fine-grained control over replication frequency based on business application priority.

Dependable Failover SLA

Disaster Recovery comes with a compute Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 4 hours (or less) whenever a test failover or live recovery operation is performed per virtual machine. This SLA objective ensures any virtual machine recovered within vCloud Air can be powered on and remotely accessed.

Failover, Failback, Planned Migration and Runbook Creation

Disaster Recovery offers failover and failback workflows with vSphere Replication, and supports planned migrations and live recovery per virtual machine. Workflow execution and task management from both vSphere Replication and the vCloud Air Console ensure access to the Disaster Recovery environment at all times. Runbook creation is possible using the vRealize Orchestrator plug-in for vCloud Air Disaster Recovery.

Multiple Recovery Points

Disaster Recovery provides the option to retain multiple recovery points. A virtual machine can be recovered and then reverted to a recovery point retained before an identified issue has occurred to ensure a clean failover recovery of that virtual machine.

Elastic Cloud Compute and Storage

Disaster Recovery offers flexible subscription options to support frictionless right-sizing of disaster recovery environments and can expand to support variable change in the number of virtual machines that need to be protected. Capacity elections for cloud computing capacity and storage are reserved to guarantee resource availability at all times. Optionally, one-time compute capacity add-ons may be requested to satisfy short-term failover and recovery requirements without long-term commitments.

Offline Data Seeding

Using vCloud Connector Offline Data Transfer, Disaster Recovery can support large volume data transfers of virtual machines and their data to vCloud Air prior to replicating over.

Private Leased Line Networks

Leveraging vCloud Air – Direct Connect, Disaster Recovery offers the option of private leased line networks to carry replication traffic between a primary data center and vCloud Air up to 1 Gbps.

Flexible Failover Testing

Disaster Recovery provides built-in automated workflows to perform failover tests. The service includes the option to test various failover scenarios as often as needed during the subscription term length.

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery
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